Vesna Skrobar of Melbourne Australia

Let me introduce this lovely lady and good friend (not) to everyone. If you plan on introducing your partner to her please think again for your own sake. DonÕt be fooled like I was. She comes across as a very nice person in both the way she speaks dresses and her personality but thatÕs where the nice parts end. Her affair with my husband happened a number of years ago but the damage it has done will last a life time. She deserves to be on this site as a warning to other women who might be thinking of having an affair with a married man and also as a warning to all the normal married women who are thinking of introducing their husbands to her. I was friends with her for a few years not super close but close enough that I felt comfortable in sharing my inner feelings struggles and other insecurities with her only to have these things used against me to seduce my husband.; This is the most horrible thing I still cant understand and it has prevented me from forming new friendships as I find it hard to trust anyone since. This woman brings the word Slut to a whole new level. I donÕt really like that word and I tried to find another word to describe her but I just couldnÕt find one. I could somehow understand it if she fell in love with my husband and wanted to take him away from me but it wasnÕt like that at all. This affair was calculated and targeted simply for her own horny satisfaction. After my husbandÕs pleads to forgive him and his confessions to me about her I truly felt sick in my stomach. Apparently cheating with a married man somehow turns her on and the closer the other woman is in her life the more intense her arousal is. I broke up with my husband shortly after and I remain a single mum of three beautiful children but itÕs a struggle doing it on my own. The fact that she is still by all accounts happily married living in a nice area and driving a nice car just adds sault to injury. As careful and cunning that she is this is obviously a mental issue for her and if she doesnÕt get treatment to help her change her ways she will one day sleep with the wrong man and her world will come crumbling down around her.

Note: Vesna Skrobar of Australia sent a DMCA copyright claim, which you may see here. The image complained of was removed.

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